Western Calendar

In Western Zerith, the most commonly used calendar was implemented by Erste Nerin IV, an Emperor of the Second Imperium. It was said to have been created by a council of Court advisers. The calendar is divided into four seasons of three 30-day months each, separated by a day-long holiday that is not part of any month. There is another holiday day to start the year (which immediately follows Year’s End Day).

Holiday: New Year’s Day
1 Hochsom
2 Versom
3 Damsom
Holiday: Fading
4 Ernat
5 Brache
6 Kalsom
Holiday: Winter’s Eve
7 Spersom
8 Matt
9 Sansom
Holiday: Sun Day
10 Ploughing
11 Planting
12 Bebausom
Holiday: Year’s End Day

Years are counted from the founding of the First Zerithian Empire, and are denoted with the initials IY, for Imperial Year.


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