Norlan Royal Army

During the Second Zerithian Empire, the Kingdom of Norlan was forced to sign a treaty with the Empire that forbade them from raising military forces. In exchange, Imperial garrisons were established in Crowton and Highwater, and the so-called King’s Highway was built to facilitate troop movement north from the Empire should the need arise. After the fall of the Empire in 4342 IY, the King moved quickly to establish a standing Royal Army, initially garrisoned in the barracks built for the Imperial troops.

The Lord High Constable is the member of the Royal Court who oversees the Kingdom’s military forces. He or she is responsible for the organization and budget needs of the Army, and has a General Staff that recommends policy on deployment, training and military actions.

The Army is based on a regimental system, with the following organization after the Varini Reforms of 4358 IY:

  • Division (two, the Northern Division and Southern Division)
  • Brigade (four, two in each Division)
  • Regiment (eight, two in each Brigade)
  • Battalion (20, two to four per Regiment)
  • Company (four to six per Battalion)
  • Platoon (four per Company)
  • Squad (two per Platoon)

The current Lord High Constable is Sir Teril Doninger of Crowton.

Norlan Royal Army

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