Additional Rules

House Rules and Clarifications

Evil Divine Casters

Spells that usually deal Radiant damage instead deal Necrotic damage when cast by evil casters (Blinding Smite, Crusader’s Mantle, Divine Favor, Flame Strike, Guardian of Faith, Guiding Bolt, Moonbeam, Sacred Flame, Spirit Guardians, Sunbeam and Sunburst). Casting Destructive Wave and choosing the necrotic damage option is an evil act, while choosing radiant damage is good. Neutral (with regard to good and evil) casters can generally choose between the two, but if they favour one over the other routinely, it may predispose them to good or evil as appropriate. These rules also apply to cleric powers, such as the Divine Strike ability of the Life Domain.


This section has an overview of illusion spell capabilities and guidelines.

Miscellaneous Additions

New Spells

Copy – 3rd level wizard spell
Glassteel – 3rd level wizard spell

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

The bulk of Unearthed Arcana content up until June 2017 now has been refined and included in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything or removed as unfixable or unnecessary. Provisionally, everything in Xanathar’s is acceptable, except the following:

  • Arcane Archer (we already have Rangers)
  • Sickening Radiance (flavour is all wrong for Zerith)

Other notes

As well, some of the content of Xanathar’s needs to be modified to fit in with the Zerith campaign, or has ramifications that should be noted.

  • The Enthralling Performance and Mantle of Majesty features of the Bard College of Glamour would likely run afoul of laws against Charm-type magic.
  • Forge Domain is available to Clerics of Skadi Mountainheart
  • Grave Domain is available to Clerics of Silvanus Oakheart
  • Samurai in Zerithian cultures are called Kreigers and typically fight with long swords held in two hands (so, no shield)
  • The Ghostly Gaze Eldritch Invocation is still subject to the rules of things that block magic.

Additional Rules

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