White Hart

The Order of the White Hart

As the pre-eminent, largest and best-known sect that worships Relnon the Justiciar, The Order of the White Hart has a crucial role in running many countries. Although principally a Zerithian organization, there are a few chapters found in non-Zerithian lands, including Oestreich.

Chapters and Ranks

Unsurprisingly, the Order has a fairly rigid hierarchy based on strict training and accomplishments. The ranks for members of the Order are:

  1. Bachelor
  2. Banneret
  3. Lieutenant
  4. Commander
  5. Grand Commander
  6. Grand Cross
  7. Marshal

Formally, each rank is preceded by “Paladin,” so when addressing a Commander, you would call them “Paladin Commander.” From a game perspective, each rank is roughly equal to three levels as a paladin; a Paladin Marshal is a 19th or 20th level character.

There are officially four currently serving Marshals:

  • Kalid, Duke of Highwater
  • Casin of Langberg
  • Ruprecht von Recht
  • Ratslag av Soderkulle

White Hart

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