In land area, the largest of the realms populated by Zerithians, the Kingdom claims most of the drainage basin of the Darkwater Lake, although no claim is made over the forests of the north-western shores of the lake, where most Elven cities lie. There are only two cities of note in the Kingdom: Highwater, on the eastern shore just north of the Bubblemere River, and Crowton on the western bank at the mouth of the Zaber River (which flows into Darkwater Lake on its southern shore).

The Kingdom has used the same convention for coins since its inception: one gold crown equals 10 silver marks equals 100 copper pennies. There are no electrum or platinum coins, although Zerithian Imperial platinum sovereigns are usually accepted at the standard rate of 10 crowns to a sovereign. One hundred marks or pennies weigh about a pound; crowns are heavier, being about 80 to the pound.

After the fall of the Second Zerithian Empire, and with it the treaties of military aid to the Kingdom, a Royal Army was established. It is headquartered outside of Crowton and maintains several bases along the shores of the Dark Water Lake.

For further information, see: The Laws of Norlan.


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