Home of the Grey Tower, and the Ducal seat of Kalid of Highwater in the Kingdom of Norlan.



  • The original main gate (“Altor”), which is now the entrance to Old Town, is heavily enchanted to prevent supernatural evil creatures or objects from passing through. This includes powerful spellcasters (i.e., those able to cast 4th or higher level spells) and objects consecrated to evil Powers.
  • Any standard equipment found in the PHB can be purchased in Highwater.
  • Once per month per character, a potion of healing (75 crowns, 2d4+2 hp restored) and a potion of greater healing (250 crowns, 4d4+4 hp restored) becomes available. This opportunity does not roll over; if you don’t buy a potion in a given month, there’s still only one available the following month.
  • Once per month per character, a spell scroll becomes available. These are only spells from the wizard or cleric spell lists, and cost (level + 1) * 100 crowns (where cantrips are considered level 0). As with healing potions, missing an opportunity in a month does not entitle you to buy more the following month.
  • The first trip you make to the Old Market in Highwater, you may roll on the Trinket table (PHB, page 160) for something you find or are given. This only applies if you did not take advantage of this option during character creation (i.e., you only get this once per character).


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