Unlike many worlds, Zerith has no Creation Myth, nor do any of the mainstream Powers worshipped claim to have created the world. There is a tacit acknowledgement amongst clergy that the Powers are worthy of being worshipped because they protect their followers, granting powers to their clerics to lead.

The Children of Creation

There is a loose pantheon of Gods that are usually called the Children of Creation, and although there is much speculation as to the source of that name, no one can truthfully say for sure what it is. Certainly, no God has ever answered such a question or provided any hints as to the origins. One idea is that it’s merely derived from the name of the oldest faith that is known to have survived to modern times, The Faithful Church of the Children of Creation1. The deities listed here are all Greater Gods, able to grant divine spells up to level 9. There are dozens of other gods that are worshipped as part of the pantheon, but they are all Lesser Gods (can only grant spells up to level 8) or Demi-Gods (maximum level 7 spells). Relnon and Arra are widely accepted to be the two most “powerful” gods in the pantheon.

Other Gods

There are a wealth of other Gods that have worshippers in Zerith, and some of them even bother to send avatars to the world and support clerics. It is known that from time to time, the avatar of a Demon Prince or Hell Lord has been summoned to the world, bypassing the wards supposedly put in place by an ancient circle of Archmages. Those times have been dark blots on history, for their evil followers become immensely stronger for their presence.

1 Of course, that doesn’t explain why any form of divination used to seek the truth about the name always fails.

2 Clerics and paladins of Arra can be any non-Lawful alignment.


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