Arran Sisterhood

Although not the only cult that worships Arra Brightblade, the Arran Sisterhood is by far the most prominent. They have built up a lot of political power by strategically supporting community leaders, whether they be the local nobility where the rule of law & order is popular, or peasant heroes where unrest and dissatisfaction with the powers-that-be is rife. Support from the Sisterhood ranges from chests of gold crowns to battlefield prowess to carry the day. There is a widely-held belief amongst commoners that the reason the Sisterhood is tolerated, especially in big urban areas, is that there is a network of noble women who secretly give themselves to the dungeons of the Sisterhood Temples, addicted to the dark pleasures of whips, knives and chains that the Sisters use in their worship ceremonies. These wanton women, the theory goes, pressure local rulers to tolerate the presence of the Sisterhood. The upper classes, of course, dismiss this as base fantasies of the ignorant masses.

The Arran Sisterhood is led by an Arch Priestess, currently Mother Jolana of Langberg. High Priestesses of regional Temples are:

  • Mother Nemela of Boden (The Grenmark)
  • Mother Kasora of Nidrin (The Kingdom of Westen)
  • Mother Naleli of Langberg (The Kingdom of Zerithia)
  • Mother Porala of Crowton (The Kingdom of Norlan)
  • Mutter Messon von Zentrum (Oestreich)
  • Mutter Geilnass von Grunplatte (Wenegbund)
  • Ma Yamanaka (Jangu)

There are no known Sisterhood Temples in central Zerith.

Arran Sisterhood

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