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House Rules and Clarifications

Evil Divine Casters

Spells that usually deal Radiant damage instead deal Necrotic damage when cast by evil casters (Blinding Smite, Crusader’s Mantle, Divine Favor, Flame Strike, Guardian of Faith, Guiding Bolt, Moonbeam, Sacred Flame, Spirit Guardians, Sunbeam and Sunburst). Casting Destructive Wave and choosing the necrotic damage option is an evil act, while choosing radiant damage is good. Neutral (with regard to good and evil) casters can generally choose between the two, but if they favour one over the other routinely, it may predispose them to good or evil as appropriate. These rules also apply to cleric powers, such as the Divine Strike ability of the Life Domain.

Miscellaneous Additions

New Spells

Copy – 3rd level wizard spell
Glassteel – 3rd level wizard spell

WotC’s Unearthed Arcana

The following articles are under consideration for inclusion into the Zerith campaign, and can be used (as noted, where applicable) until further notice. Be aware that if you use anything documented in these rules, they may be subject to changes or elimination at some future point.

Starter Spells – Some new cantrips and first level spells.
Wizard Revisited – Two new arcane traditions for wizards. Note that if you want to take the Theurgy tradition, you should select Maga (especially if your character is an elf) or Orom as your deity.
Mystic – Psionics in 5e! The Order of the Wu Jen is exclusive to the Wajin people of Jangu.
Warlock & Wizard – New patrons for warlocks and a new arcane tradition for wizards. Lore Mastery is not permitted (since it permits you to, for instance, change the Wisdom save of Hold Person to Dexterity, thus guaranteeing that the target will always fail saves to end the spell).
Sorcerer – New sorcerous origins for sorcerers.
Ranger & Rogue – New archetypes for rangers and rogues.
Barbarian Primal Paths – Additional paths for barbarians.

If there are other UA articles that you’d like me to consider, please let me know.

Additional Rules

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