How The Story Began

(Imagine this in yellow writing, scrolling off into the distance over a black starfield…)

The year is 5802 on the Imperial calendar. The place is Highwater, seat of the Duchy of Highwater in the Kingdom of Norlan. It is summer, and news has just reached the North that the King of Zerithia, Velin III, has declared himself the founder of the Third Zerithian Empire! He sat on the Imperial Throne in Saint Calor’s Palace without being disintegrated, so it is apparently true. The Second Zerithian Empire, which was founded after the Kingdom of Norlan, only included The Three Kingdoms, so hopefully Emperor Velin won’t consider the Kingdom part of the Empire. No one can be certain, though, so there is a lot of trepidation about what this news means for Norlan, and for the good citizens of Highwater!

Characters chosen so far:

  • Dragonkin paladin
  • Half-elven warlock

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