Sister Derina

Chaplain to the Countess of Bubblemere


Murdered summer of 5802 IY in the library of Countess Alrene’s manor. According to a group of adventurers hired by the Duke of Highwater to investigate (at the Countess’ request), three individuals used magic to gain entrance to the library. Once inside, they killed her and cut off her head (or killed her by cutting off her head; the evidence isn’t clear which), and escaped with a book that had been open on the desk (it left a void in the blood spatter) and her head. A group of orcs was tracked to their camp and a battle ensued. Some of the orcs seemed to have been possessed (as other adventurers have encountered), but eventually all were slain. In the ashes of the campfire, a human skull and metal fittings for a large book were found, presumed to be from the crime scene.

Resurrected by Mother Jolana (with a True Resurrection spell) sometime during the month of Ernat, 5802 IY.

Sister Derina

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