Sidelion Othtan

The fastest 'locksmith' with pointed ears...


A half-elf rogue, the byproduct of a tryst between his Elven mother and his rumoured-to-be important human father, sired during his visit from Highwater to Paiketsella to learn from the Elves.

Sidelion’s mother Tanuessa is an Elven scholar who never married, owing to her all-consuming interest in botany. She was very much taken with Sidelion’s father though and was heartbroken when he left. She has not revealed the identity of Sidelion’s father to him.

Sidelion had a mischievous childhood, always getting into trouble and a natural talent for getting into places he wasn’t supposed to, locked or otherwise. This was usually blamed on his heritage of being ‘too human’. It was probably with some relief to most of the community that Sidelion stowed away on a trader’s ship bound for Highwater, shortening his name to Sid in search of a recognition and riches.

Upon arrival in Highwater, Sid struggled to fit into human society, being ‘too elfish’. His talents were, however, appreciated by a local crime syndicate.

Sidelion Othtan

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