Seija Lassila


Warlock 1


Seija Lassila was born in, and has lived her whole life in, Highwater. Her mother is a local elven wizard, Pirja Lassila. Her father is a local human, [NAME1], who had barely entered adulthood when Pirja took a brief fancy to him. Pirja made it clear early on that while [NAME1] was certainly welcome in Pirja and Seija’s life, he wasn’t going to be a partner in raising Seija. [NAME1] has his own family now and Seija has a large number of older elven half-siblings and younger human ones.
When she became old enough Seija enrolled in the local wizard’s academy and did fairly well in her studies. She apprenticed under another local wizard [NAME2], an old human. From the beginning things seemed a bit off, but she decided to trust that the wizard’s academy had properly veted their staff. They hadn’t. [NAME2] attempted a summoning that was beyond his abilities. It’s not clear if the initial summoning was successful and he failed to control it, or if he had simply gotten the attention of something.. else.
That something, Hastur, got loose and consumed [NAME2] who is presumed dead. Seija tried to hide but it didn’t need to see her to know she was there. It interrogated her and terrified as she was she was willing to tell it everything she could. It made her a deal. It would offer her great power in exchange for her agreeing to be its eyes and ears, so to speak, in this plane of existence. Not seeing another way out of this situation alive, Seija took the deal.
After Hastur left Seija reported the incident to her mother. There was an investigation of the accident but it was quickly found that [NAME2] must have gotten himself pulled into another plane in a botched summoning demonstration. Seija decided to quit the academy for the time being instead of finding a new apprenticeship. But she is maintaining the pretense of being a wizard’s apprentice.
Her instructions are simple. She is to gather information, of any and all kinds, for Hastur. So she’s decided it’s time to see the world.

Seija Lassila

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