Merami Velling

Priestess usually dressed in half-plate and armed with a longsword


Merami was born in 5778 IY in Graugel, a small village near the manor of Alrene, Countess of Bubblemere. Her father is Calin Velling, a modestly successful merchant, and her mother is Zorina (nee Cesselin). Her maternal grandfather was a knight in the Countess’ service, but he is now retired.

As a teenager, Merami was an acolyte at the Arran shrine in Graugel. At first her duties were simply to keep the shrine clean, collect the offerings and give them to the County Sheriff on his weekly visits. A few months after she started, however, a petitioner to the Goddess arrived at the shrine with his sister in tow, anxious to speak to an Arran Sister. She led the pair to the manor, where Sister Derina, assistant to the Chaplain, took charge of the two and sent Merami back to the shrine. The next day, Derina visited Merami and spoke to her about becoming a novice in the Sisterhood. She spoke honestly about some of the grueling travails that would-be Sisters underwent, but also about the honour and fulfilment in serving the Goddess as a priestess. Merami was convinced, and to the satisfaction of her father and over the concerns of her mother, she was sent to the Motherhouse outside Highwater to train to become an Arran Sister. At sixteen years old, Merami was three or fours years older than most first year novices, but despite the misgivings of some of the Sisters, she was able to learn quickly and thrive, becoming a full-fledged Sister only a year later than is usual. Returning to Bubblemere County, she became assistant to Sister Derina, who by then had become Chaplain to Countess Alrene.

Merami Velling

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