Kalid, Duke of Highwater

Paladin Marshal of the Order of the White Hart, ruler of the Duchy of Highwater


When out and about, Kalid is usually dressed in fine robes, although his boots seem more serviceable than stylish and he always has a sword belted at his waist. On the rare occasion that he leaves the city, he is attired in a much more martial manner, with silver full plate, a shield emblazoned with the symbol of The Order of the White Hart, astride his favourite white warhorse.


A prominent member of The Order of the White Hart, Kalid is the current Duke of Highwater, having acceded to that title in 5792 upon the death of his father, Kalin. He is known to be close friends with Hegan Ulrithon of the Grey Tower.

He is the current head of House Garanor, a cadet branch of the royal House Linian.

Kalid, Duke of Highwater

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