Waiting for the Count in Feriton

AKA One Night in Feriton

  • Feriton is SMALL! One fortified building, 1 smelter and an inn. Little else of note
  • After returning to the Count’s residence, the party are shown into the coffee room and Sister Serina joins us.
  • Captain Temen is asked to join us when Sid mentions the weapon smuggling. He is concerned about it and offers a reward for more detailed information on the source
  • Sister Serina removes the curse on the ring that Sid had and he is now able to take it off. He still feels strangely compelled to stay with the party though
  • Miners in the common room have wild stories of stranger creatures. No hunters have seen these creatures. The party things the miners have some strange fancies
  • There are no ladies of the night available in Feriton. There is some sadness at this, especially from the less cultured members of the party
  • The party stays the night in the local inn and heads out early the next morning. They head south to the kickball fields where three different valleys are visible
  • After a thorough search of the valleys, one has an alcove at the end where a figure is crouched down. As Sid warns the party, he vanishes, then re-appears and attacks.
  • More orc-like creatures appear and the party is overwhelmed
  • They wake in a room, tied up. Sid is able to free himself and assist the rest of the party in getting free.
  • The parties weapons and armour are gone



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