Travel Days


- party takes the booked passage on a lake ship to the Norwass River, and then up-river as far as ships can travel
- on board as well are an Arran Priestess (perhaps late 30’s or early 40’s) and a young, well-born woman, both Zerithian
- Sid discovers that the Arran Priestess is Sister Kuerella, the Chaplain of Fendon-on-Mount and she is escorting the count’s niece, Tessa who is visiting her uncle’s holdings. It will be the first time she has met him.
- stay overnight at “transfer camp,” which is a permanent camp with a couple of warehouses, an inn and one private building
- Sid takes in some air before going to bed and stumbles into a warehouse where numerous crates are stacked
- in the crates, Sid discovers a large cache of good quality weapons of all sorts, hidden below farm items and takes a dagger as a souvenir. The crates are marked as belonging to Karil, a well-known merchant house
- the next day, the party continues their trip on barges, travelling against the sluggish current but with a stiff tailwind; there are several other passengers taking the same convoy of four barges, but none on the party’s barge
- they stop for the night, but are attacked by orcs shortly after moonrise
- Bhaz uses his breath weapon to injure the group attacking the party’s barge, killing one that had already been hit with an arrow by Sid
- Bhaz, standing well in front of the rest of the party, is attacked by the remaining five orcs and dropped
- the party manage to down the other orcs, but not before Bhaz bleeds out
- Brother Terum and Oren, two priests of the Shield of Honour (a Relnonian Order) rush forward from one of the other barges (where the battles were over more quickly) and are able to Revivify Bhaz
- the barge crew insist on travelling through the night now, and reach Feriton by morning
- going to wait until the next day to speak with the Count



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