Trapped somewhere in the Iron Mountains

(Tied) up the creek without a paddle. Includes the Lam Lies Down On My Way

  • A good old fashioned dungeon crawl ensues! Much fun is had
  • Weapons are found, orcs and ghouls are killed. Treasure is liberated and appropriated.
  • Strange rituals appear to have been going on and there is a pattern on the floor of one room
  • On the way out of the mountain, Sister Serina turns on the party, summons imps and attempts to ensure the party never makes it back to Feriton
  • She is rudely disabused of this notion as the party unleashes a whole can of whop-ass on her. The party are provided much needed help in the form of Oyugun (recently recovered from a strange affliction, necessitating he stay in Feriton) and Sister Merami who gallop into the fray
  • The party make it back to Feriton. Sister Serina is revealed to be part of another faction within the Sisterhood – the Dark Hand
  • It appears as if an Evil Cult is trying to take over the world! Sister Merami is concerned about the piece of paper that was found in the cave.
  • The party collects its reward from the Captain Temen and has an uneventful return to Highwater



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