Protecting an Empty Warehouse

  • When the warehouse is investigated, two thugs have replaced the Upright Men guards. They are found dead inside. Bazin a low level thug/informer appears and is intoxicated. He talks of ‘good wine’ before falling unconscious.
  • Bazin stops breathing. He is taken to the local Upright Men safe house but they have all been killed, apparently by poison. Bazin is taken to a local temple for healing
  • The more magic-aware members of the party determine that the warehouse seems to have the same ‘evil smell’ of magic that the house did. Wizards from the Upright Men have detected abjuration magic.
  • Sid fences the ring and cuff links, which turn out to be HOT and where scryed by the Order of the White Hart. An invisible stalker was sent to retrieve the item and it attempted to break into the safe
  • The Upright Men are unhappy with Sid over this and have stopped operations due to the 6 lost shipments. He offers to make amends by guarding the next warehouse shipment with ‘his crew’.
  • Sid informs the party of both the job and that Saija is in trouble with the law and that they must lay low for a while.
  • The party hides in the Maiden’s Vale, where they discover that the Duke’s daughter visited with a few Sisters suspected to be of The Dark Hand due to them engaging in unsanctioned activities
  • Sister Merami carries out three prayer rituals. The party gets some phat l00t.
  • The shipment to the warehouse is successfully protected by the party, despite the appearance of fearsome demonic orcs seeming to teleport inside the warehouse. The Upright Men were impressed with defence of the warehouse.


I fixed “aberration” to “abjuration,” because that’s what the Upright Men said.

Protecting an Empty Warehouse

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