Back in Highwater

  • Sister Merami introduces the party to the Chaplain to the Countess of Bubblemere, Sister Derina. Details of the evil cult are discussed, the paper is passed to her (?)
  • Sister Derina is looking for someone to complete the Arran Sisterhood prayer ritual with her. For completing this, the Petitioner may be blessed with a magic item of uncommon value
  • A merchant vanished 3 days ago. Front door was open, purse of gold left on the table. The merchant’s name is Tabin Derliner.
  • Sid makes contact with The Upright Men, who are having some trouble with their operatino of smuggling grain out of the city. It appears as if another party has been taking the goods! Sid wants to find out why in order to bring him back into favour with his employers.
  • The party meets with Kerin again and he lets them know that the symbol is of an Old God. It was not able to be translated.
  • The merchant’s house is investigated by the party. Bhaz talks his way in with the sergeant on the door.
  • The watch are taking the investigation seriously. A Commander of the White Hart, a Captain of the Watch and 2 lower level paladins investigate the disappearance with magic and then return to the Ducal Palace.
  • The cook is wined+dined but knows nothing of much use. The merchant was a quiet man who kept himself to himself
  • Saija investigates upstairs, as does Sid (unbeknownst to the party), who steals a ring and cuff links from the merchant’s bedroom
  • Saija undertakes the Blessing of Arra (and seems to enjoy it)
  • The location that the warehouse where the goods disappeared from is determined. There will be a shipment the next night.



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